Real Estate investments are one of the most effective ways to earn passive income – through rentals and capital gains. Every homeowner who has invested in a residential property expects to get a higher selling price as profitability. In a market where real estate rates are on a constant rise, it is easier for sellers to get a hiked price. However, in a competitive real estate market like Dubai, buyers get reduced property rates which makes it difficult for sellers to get a high ROI. 

As a homeowner, if you are looking for lucrative profits in selling your home, you need to walk an extra mile. Advertising or listing it alone is not sufficient to pay off the price you desire. One needs to focus on upgrades and repairs as home improvement ways to attract people willing to see the worth of your property. 

Here’re a few home improvement ways that a homeowner can incorporate to get the best price for their property. 

Repaint the walls

Newly painted walls give a refreshing look to your property. It is one of the most cost-efficient, simple yet highly effective home improvement options to give your home a new outlook. Once the walls are recoloured, they will help you attract buyers and back your quote for getting a higher price. 

Before considering the decision to recolour, understand every potential buyer reviews the home according to their needs and desires. Do not try to overdo it by adding too many different colours of your choice. Anyway, you have to sell the home and recolouring is just a home improvement tool. Therefore, try to add neutral tones that bring out the real sense of the property. 

Usually, every buyer wants to purchase a property that is bigger and worth the price they are paying. Keeping that in mind, homeowners can add creamy white or soft grey colours to make the space look bigger. 

Upgrade kitchen and bathroom

Consider yourself as the buyer and see how are your highly functional areas look? Areas like bathroom and kitchen can make or break a deal. Too outdated and broken fixtures in bathrooms and kitchens can make the buyer lose interest. 

Before advertising to sell your home, it is always better to do the necessary updates and repairs in your bathroom and kitchen as a home improvement exercise. There shouldn’t be any leaking pipes, cabinets, handles, showers, taps, etc. Try to sell the home in mint condition as you would like to purchase. 

Improve the overall appeal

We always agree with the fact that the first impression is the last impression. If the buyer has found flaws in your home in the very first place, it is difficult to clean the spilled water on a good deal. Thus, it is necessary to focus on curb appeal as a way of home improvement. 

If you are a villa or a premium apartment owner, curb appeal matters more than you think. These places are surrounded by open areas that need to be designed thoughtfully. As a homebuyer, you can convert the curb area into a manicured lawn or get a patio installed to make it look more relevant. This will make you stand out from the competition and help you get the best price for your property. 

Consider installing new windows

Windows are installed for countless reasons – to improve ventilation, increase privacy and add a décor appeal to the home. To significantly up the interior game of your property, invest in the renovation or implementation of new windows. 

New windows make a huge difference to your home improvement job. To add more value, you can select energy efficiency windows or something trending in the market. The combination of décor factor and energy savings can significantly impact the existing price of your property.   

Provide better storage options  

Smart storage and nooks can help you make a good deal. The property becomes more appealing when it is equipped with the right storage options. This can be a good home improvement idea that will help buyers make a step towards living a convenient life. 

Thoughtfully installed storage options can solve the problem of insufficient storage problems. Apart from this, it helps in offering the idea of living clutter-free life in the smartest way possible. Furthermore, it does not cost much, however, offering an abundance of space and ROI.

After making these basic upgrades and considering home improvement, it will become easier for you to rate your property at a higher price. Apart from this, it is also necessary to market your property through a leading real estate company in Dubai. Connect with RiseUp Holding to find the most effective way of listing your property and ensure its visibility.

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