Negotiation is one of the most important qualifications of real estate agents. Negotiating effectively in a deal helps buyers or sellers attain the maximum value of their property decision. Real estate agents who have high negotiation skills are always able to provide the best to their clients in the market. This makes them stand out from the crowd and stay ahead in the competition. 

When closing a deal, a buyer and seller both need to have a skillful real estate agent. It is their negotiation skills that help stakeholders to navigate through multiple issues and reach a profitable decision. 

Here’re are a few reasons we have listed down to understand the need for a proficient negotiator in real estate:

Market knowledge

The power lies in knowledge and there is no denying the fact that a good real estate agent possesses the best of his market knowledge. Complete details about the market equip the agent with an effective negotiation strategy and help the buyer or seller close the deal according to market standards. Real estate agents with deep market knowledge like current market trends and properties in demand can play a critical role in real estate negotiation. As a result, it becomes easy to compare the unit prices in the market and provide a wider selection of choices to the client. 

Understands the client’s needs

A clear understanding of the client – buyer or seller’s needs is necessary for a successful real estate deal. Real estate agents have a clear understanding of the client’s needs and requirements that help them achieve their real estate goals. This understanding comes from years of experience, ability to close transactions, market understanding, pricing knowledge, etc. It helps the real estate agent foresee the future of a deal and align it with the client’s needs better.  

Understands party’s mindset

Understanding the client’s needs and requirements is necessary but it should always be backed by understanding their psychology.  Knowing the client’s emotions, concerns, anxiety, past experiences, financial background, etc. help real estate agent understand the buyer and sellers’ mindset. This plays a crucial role in satisfying the client’s needs and achieving the desired goal. As it is quite obvious for buyers or sellers to express their feelings at the time of a deal, real estate agents neutralize the situation and negotiate accordingly.

Focuses on being proactive

Many deals fall apart during the negotiation phase. It only happens when a real estate agent focuses on being reactive than proactive. Many buyers or sellers try to speak more in order to interact well and get the best price according to their budget. This leads the deal in nobody’s favour. However, to make a mutually satisfying deal, real estate agents proactively sense what’s next in the deal and act accordingly.    

Robust negotiation strategy

Developing a strong negotiation strategy is not an easy task. Only a qualified, experienced and expert real estate agent can do that. Firstly, a good real estate agent analyzes the commitment of the buyer or seller towards closing a profitable deal. After that, he also analyses the financial background of the buyer and seller and the purpose behind the transaction. Once the agent is clear with these critical areas, he is able to develop an impactful negotiation strategy. 

The process of transacting and closing a real estate comes with a dozen of twists and turns. In this place, real estate agents can understand the intricacies of negotiations and bridge the gap between the buyer and seller. RiseUp Holding – a leading real estate company in Dubai has the best in the industry agents who are experienced with closing a successful real estate deal smoothly. 

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