Many people are fond of parenting a pet. Those furry friends become an important part of their life that they want to pamper and spend their lives with them. Animals, no doubt, shower love and affection and that’s why pet parents look for pet-friendly communities in Dubai to live a peaceful life.

Pet-friendly communities in Dubai are in great demand as every year people from different countries come to settle here. They buy a pet to sense companionship and make their life more packed.

We have picked one of the best pet-friendly communities in Dubai for pet lovers to move into. Here’s the list:

Dubai Hills

Featuring a mix of villas and apartments, Dubai Hills is recognized as one of the most pet-friendly communities in Dubai. Its beautiful parks and ample greenery make the pet fall in love with the place. On the other hand, to not disturb other residents, Dubai Hills is known for its stringent cleaning rules. For instance – pets need to wear identification tags when outdoor, proper disposal of dog waste, no abandoning of pets, etc.

Jumeirah Golf Estates

Surrounding spacious villas with a private garden and pool makes it a pet-friendly community in Dubai. The greenery around the community uplifts the pets’ mood and makes it a perfect residence for them. In addition, there is a proper way to dump the waste that does not hamper the cleanliness of the community.

Al Barari

Recognized as the Green Heart of Dubai, Al Barari features luxury apartments, villas and plots. It is a unique destination with great proximity to pet shops and all the necessities required for pets. Owners are required to train their pets well for the safety of other residents and that’s what makes Al Barari one of the most preferred pet-friendly communities in Dubai.

Emirates living

Emirates Living consists of townhouses and independent villas with unique amenities. With lush greenery and ample garden space, Emirates Living makes up a pet-friendly community in Dubai. Well-trained dogs are allowed in the Emirates Living as well as at the Emirates Golf Club.

Arabian Ranches

Arabian Ranches are recognized as a perfect community for dog lovers. The villas in Arabian Ranches have ample outdoor space where dogs and cats can have good playtime. Even the Arabian Ranches Golf Club also welcomes trained pets that making it a pet-friendly community in Dubai. 

Jumeirah Lake Towers

Jumeirah Lake Towers are known for the beautiful pathways around the lake that are wide and perfect for an evening walk for pets. The outdoor space can offer the pets much-needed exercise time while socializing with other residents. Apart from this, there are several neighborhood restaurants where owners are allowed to bring their furry friends.

Damac Hills

Damac Hills is a well-established community featuring villas, apartments and a hotel. It offers one of a kind living experience boasting a handful of spaces designed for the pets’ playtime. It is a great place for families that love dogs and can enjoy the peaceful lifestyle of this pet-friendly community in Dubai. 

Palm Jumeirah

The community offers spacious villas and apartments. Palm Jumeirah has ample space in the backyard where people can get their pets and enjoy a great time together. Besides this, the pet-friendly restaurants in the community also allow owners to dine with their furry friends.


Downtown is a pet-friendly accommodation in Dubai. It is a perfect pick for families that are pet lovers, making it one of the most sought-after pet-friendly communities in Dubai. Moreover, pet-friendly restaurants in the community provide a perfect spot to plan an enjoyable outing with pets.

Dubai Investment Park

The community is renowned for the world’s largest indoor dog park – My Second Home. It is a pet-friendly community in Dubai and the indoor pet park attracts several owners to live in the community. It is a gated community where families feel safe with their pets and encourages dogs to interact with other dogs and residents.

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